The future begins right now

Our customers have come to value our innovative spirit. Always with an eye on what's happening in the market, we develop solutions meeting the highest technical standards.

Ensuring it stays that way and that we contribute to our customers' long-term success depends on applying a light and instinctive touch when working with our products, our employees and our environment:
We set great store by top quality in the manufacture of our profiles; products only leave our premises if our quality controls pass them as flawless. We can rely on a highly motivated and expert team of personnel and executives. Anyone embarking on their working lives with us will have every chance of having a successful career and can be sure that we will provide them with a safe and healthy workplace. After all, only if everyone pulls together can the enterprise as a whole be a success.

As an owner-run technology group, networking both within the company and beyond are vital to our success. Competent network partners are the guarantee of efficient information exchanges and continuing progress in developing our wide-ranging products and services.

We would like to invite you to get to know us better over the pages in our 'Future' section. We trust you will find us a challenging employer and a reliable supplier, one who would be delighted to embark on the road to the future together with you. Starting right now.

Welcome on board!