We are a group of companies who excite our customers with outstanding performance. We exceed our customers' expectations in surprising ways.

We are an employer for whom it is worth getting up in the morning, who inspires and energises its employees. Your work for us is networked, creative and makes sense.

For us creativity and freedom for self-expression are keys to increasing the fun you get out of your work. To this end we aim to keep on surprising our team through the introduction of ever new methods.

Quote from DQS:
Apart from good health, the most important thing adults possess is time - our own time and that of our fellow human beings. If you can enrich your everyday working lives with inner joy, humour and a genuine interest in your colleagues and customers, then your management system will be a living thing, and you will view the time invested in it as real added value and worthwhile. And this success will be both long-term and unrivalled as a motivating force.

Our philosophy:
We are the Bültmann Group: a family-run technology group combining a high level of production expertise with great tradition.

  • Together with our customers we master the challenges of the future.
  • We all set ourselves the highest standards.
  • We apply common values in our working lives.

Our vision and strategy:
To work successfully and enjoyably as a team, for the highest-possible customer satisfaction!